Business Intelligence (BI) is a broad category of computer software solutions that enables a company or organization to gain insight into its critical operations through reporting applications and analysis tools. BI applications may include a variety of components such as tabular reports, spreadsheets, charts, and dashboards. Although traditional business intelligence systems were delivered via host terminals or paper reports, the typical modern deployment of a BI application is over the Web, via internet or intranet connections.

Well-designed BI applications can give anyone in your company the ability to make better decisions by quickly understanding the various “information assets” in your organization and how these interact with each other. These assets can include customer databases, supply chain information, personnel data, manufacturing, and sales and marketing activity, as well as any other source of information critical to your operation. BI software allows you to integrate these disparate data sources into a single coherent framework for real-time reporting and detailed analysis by anyone in your extended enterprise – customers, partners, employees, managers, and executives.

Development Features:

We have developed the Business Intelligence Applications successfully for our customers. The benefits they got from us are:

  • Fulfill all the requirements the customer wants in a complete BI application.

  • Excellent Reporting feature is the main key of our BI Application

  • Mainly required points of this kind of application are achieved by us which are: Accuracy, Efficiency, Reliability and Easy & Effective graphical user interface.

  • The customer can take decisions for his business using the application’s intelligence

  • The development is done on Dot Net platform so having fast & effective development with professional User interface



Technical Details:

The Technical details for developing BI application from us are as given below:

  • Fulfill all the requirements the customer wants in a complete BI application.
  • The work is distributed in team so it gets fast and accurate result at the end.
  • BI application needs accuracy and efficiency for taking decisions regarding Business which can be achieved by our BI application effectively.
  • We include all kind of charts, reports, Instrumentation Models and OLAP Models in one application which fulfill all requirements for a complete BI application.
  • The end user can review the charts according to his own choice because there are number of options given to select the chart type like bar, pie, Tank, line, points, bubbles etc.
  • The number of reports which required to analysis and reviewing the details of business are provided by us. Even we give the facility to create customize reports to the users as they can generate their own way.
  • We provide the instrumentation and OLAP models also with the application so the users are able to analyze their way those things.
  • We are providing number of themes with the application for better graphical view for the end users so that they can choose their own theme for GUI.
  • We are flexible to use the third party utilities and DLLs if the customer wants them to use but in that case the customer needs to provide those things to us.
  • The qualified management at the top level makes the things easier for the customers for more satisfaction.