about us

We are everything
but ordinary

what we do

providing a strong and quality Consulting

We bring to each client project the right blend of technologies. We rely on in-house developed Management solutions, off-the-shelf components, and our knowledge of technologies & projects. All of our engagements, large and small, begin with a structured design and discovery process. This ensures that we make recommendations based on our clients' immediate needs as well as their long-term organizational mission. Likewise, our engagements end with a dual commitment: first, to provide training for client independence and self-reliance, but also to provide long term supportive relationships for the products we deliver.

we have great experience in

  • Consultating 100%

  • Technical Services 90%

  • OutSourcing 70%

  • Customer Focus 90%

  • Training 90%

Business Benefits

  • Fund management: Analysis specifically targeted for the public sector with information on available funds, SCMs, encumbrance and expenses
  • Financial statement certifications: Internal control dashboard targeted towards the signing officer with information of significant account evaluation, organization and process certifications results in all or selected financial statement certification
  • Receivable management: Comprehensive receivables, receipts and collections summaries with extensive drill down From transaction to receipt details increases the manager’s visibility into their receivable and collections operations and delivers daily actionable information
  • Improve alignment of strategies and operations
  • Reduce Cost through Improved Flexibility
  • Improve financial Management and corporate Governance
  • Gain ROI faster
  • Reduces Up to 30% of Implementation Cost
  • Post Production Support by expert team